*Preliminary Programme (subject to change)*


Fri 24/10/2014 

Meeting Room 1.07, First Floor, University Library, George Square


13:00-13:45        Registration

13:45-13:50        Welcome / Yuka Kadoi


13:50-14:40        Panel 1: Illustrators and Painters

Chair:  Teresa Fitzherbert

Ulrich Marzolph: Mirzâ ‘Ali-Qoli Kho’i: The Master Illustrator of Lithographed Books in the Qajar Period

Aida Foroutan: Decoding Meaning in a Contemporary Surrealist Iranian Painter: Sequence and Inversion as Encryption in the Work of Alireza Espahbod


14:40-15:10        Coffee break


15:10-16:00        Panel 2: Gardens and Exhibitions

Chair: Andrew Newman

Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian: Gertrude Bell’s Persian Gardens and the Evolution of Landscaping in 19th-century Iran and Beyond

Yuka Kadoi: Arthur Upham Pope and His Exhibitions of Persian Architectural Photography in the 1930s


16:00 –      Reception, Ground Floor (in front of the Exhibition Room /The World History of Rashid al-Din, 1314), University Library


(optional event: 18:00-20:00; see ‘registration’ for further information)


Sat 25/10/2014

Lecture Theatre 175, Old College

9:15-9:30           Arrival


9:30 – 10:40       Panel 3: Identity

Chair: Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

Samantha Blankenship: Wings of Darius: The Reception of Achaemenid Imperial Imagery on the Greek Periphery

Janett Morgan: Who Has the Biggest Bulls? Royal Power and the Achaemenid Apadana

Matteo Compareti: The Sasanian Figurative Capitals at Taq-i Bustan: Proposals of Identification and Origins


10:40-11:10        Coffee break


11:10 – 12:00      Panel 4: Iconography and Iconoclasm

Chair: Robert Hillenbrand

Sara Kuehn: “Ganymede and the Eagle”: Variations of an Airborne Theme in the Iranian World

James White: Smash All the Idols: Vision in Nizami Ganjavi’s Romances


12:00-12:10        Short break


12:10 – 13:00      Panel 5: Femininity and Masculinity

Chair: Sussan Babaie

Dominic Parviz Brookshaw: Writerly Women, Writerly Images: Female Image-making in Qajar Iran

Nacim Pak-Shiraz: Masculinity, Love, and Fear in Pre-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema


13:00-14:30        Lunchtime break (see ‘restaurants’ in ‘travel’)


14:30 – 15:40      Panel 6: In the Cyber Space

Chair: Lloyd Ridgeon

Shireen Walton: Everyday Life Goes On(line) in Iran: Image – Sharing and Visual – Cultural Storytelling in Iranian Photoblogs

Stephen Serpell: Spanning a Dispersed Visual World: A New Database of Persianate Painting

Zuzanna Olszewska: Visual Poetics and Politics: Image-Sharing and Identity among Afghan Social Media Users


15:40-16:10        Coffee break


16:10 – 17:00     Panel 7:  East and West

Chair: Carole Hillenbrand

Judith A. Lerner: The Visual World of Greater Iran: The Art of Sasanians, Kushano-Sasanians and “Iranian” Huns in Bactria

Richard Piran McClary: The Expansion of the Persianate Aesthetic into Anatolia through the Medium of Brick Architecture in the 6th /12th & 7th /13th Centuries


17:00-17:10        Short break


17:10 – 18:00       Panel 8: Modernity and Heritage

Chair: Yuka Kadoi

Francesco Stermotich-Cappellari: The Calligraphic Art of Mishkīn Qalam

Iván Szántó: From Antiquarianism to Archaeology: Iranian National Heritage and Its 19th-century Depictions


20:30 – Conference dinner (conference speakers and chairs)


Sun 26/10/2014

Lecture Theatre 175, Old College

9:00-9:10           Arrival


9:10 – 10:20       Panel 9: Bodies

Chair: Nacim Pak-Shiraz

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones: The Great King’s Nose …or An Olfactic Reading of the Iconography of Achaemenid Kingship

Elham Etemadi: Facial Hair as Representative of Superiority in One Thousand and One Nights

Farshid Kazemi: Seeing and Unseeing the Body: The Dialectic of Embodiment and Eroticism in Makhmalbaf’s Gabbeh


10:20-10:50         Coffee break


10:50 – 12:00       Panel 10: Texts and Textiles

Chair: Sheila Blair

Alan Williams: Vision and Seeing through Sightedness in Rumi’s Masnavi

Tobias Nünlist: Two Amuletic Scrolls of High Quality Dating from the Safavid Period: Codicological Approach and Historic Contextualization

Jennifer M. Scarce: The Role of Dress in the Image of Fath Ali Shah Qajar (1797-1834)


12:00-12:10         Short break


12:10 – 13:00      Panel 11: Motion and Emotion

Chair: Nacim Pak-Shiraz

Chris Lippard: Placing Humor and Technology in the Iranian Art Film

Laura Fish: Re-Envisioning Ta`ziyeh: Claiming the Martyr Since the Iranian Green Movement


13:00 – Concluding remarks / Nacim Pak-Shiraz



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